What do you want? A professional coach will engage you around this important question. But, discerning what you want and why you want it can be a difficult proposition. Pressures inside and out serve to muddy the waters. The ideal vision of your destination seen in your mind in vivid colors, is the main thing which can motivate you toward positive change. After all, if it’s not “worth it” why go there?

So the real question becomes, “Why do I want this?” and “What will getting there mean to me professionally and personally?” Awareness fuels change. In fact the equation is simple: real awareness = lasting change. What do you want?

The coaching process works with you, to give you the support and challenge that brings clarity to your thoughts and energy for your actions. What is the value of aligning your work with your core values, getting clear about your abilities and strengths, facing your self-limiting beliefs and challenging the specific issues getting in your way? Priceless.

Coaching equips you to be courageous, to deliberately think new thoughts and change old behaviors to new ones. Coaching holds you, the client, as whole, creative and capable. You are the expert of you. The coach is the expert of the coaching process.

What is the value of having a trusted thinking-partner who is in your corner? What is the value of having a supportive expert alongside you, a coach who is challenging you to become who you want to become and to do what you want to do? Priceless.

Professional coaches adhere to specific competencies that make the coaching process effective. You can expect an expert coach to provide you with active listening and powerful questioning within a professional relationship built on mutual respect and trust.

Your confidence level can grow as your awareness builds around what is working and what’s not working for you. As you continually move forward you can expect the coaching process to bring you clarity and new learning. Remember, real awareness = lasting change.

When was the last time you celebrated your progress? You can expect your coach to help you learn how to recognize your successes and build on them. The support and challenge your coach will give you shows up in communication that speaks to you and your style.

Being challenged by your coach is empowering, not debilitating. An expert coach can help you create your next best steps to get you where you want to go, as well as help you find key resources and decide how you want to be accountable to your vision.

You are unique. Your personality and passions all contribute to who you can become and what you can accomplish. I know the coaching process can provide the support and challenge you need to get what you want.  So, what do you want?

Interested in moving forward with coaching? Contact me at wendy@mcwherter.com or www.mcwhertercoaching.com.