You are a leader working more in the virtual space.

Team leadership is an art and a skill. Meeting remotely as a team is the wave of the future. You need new and specialized expertise to lead well in the virtual space.

Leading people who are not in the same room has a special set of requirements.  Are you skilled in the nuanced art of virtual team leadership? You can set yourself up for success by implementing several key behaviors.  And, you can improve your team’s performance by utilizing the right tools to help them work best in the virtual space.

Leading Virtual Teams Professional Development Program is a just-in-time group coaching training designed for you.  

You will get up to speed quickly as you participate in this interactive hands-on group coaching experience.  The topics provided will give you specific skills you need right now to lead your virtual team well. 

You will build on your skills as you practice with your own team in real time, meet again with your cohort, receive coaching, and repeat the cycle.   

Leading Virtual Teams Professional Development Topics Include:

  • Virtual Team Nuances – Pause Points, Resource Portal, Parking Lot, Post-Meeting One Page, Virtual Team Ecosystem, Ways of Working.
  • Pace and Energy – avoiding time wasters so prevalent in virtual meetings.
  • Clarifying Expectations – the secret step that some leaders miss.
  • Tricky Technology – planning ahead to avoid pitfalls.
  • Meeting the Unique Needs people have in the virtual environment – safety, support and connectedness.
  • Best Engagement Touchpoints – noticing when participants are not engaged, and deciding which tool to use to re-engage them.
  • Maintaining Focus for each meeting and translating conversations into specific goals.
  • Creating and Expanding Consensus around how the virtual group agrees to do its work.
  • Navigating Forms of Conflict in virtual teams – and being equipped with effective strategies to assist the team to overcome problems effectively.

Register today for “Leading Virtual Teams” Professional Development Program.
The Leading Virtual Teams Professional Development Program consists of four one-hour weekly sessions, completed in just thirty days. 

  • Each session is 60 minutes of training, packed with useful tips and group interaction.
  • Sessions are led by a credentialed Executive Coach who specializes in virtual group and team dynamics.
  • Cohorts meet once weekly via web conferencing to complete the Leading Virtual Teams Training Program in four weeks.
  • Space is limited to five participants in each Cohort.
  • The cost is $349 per participant for the Leading Virtual Teams Professional Development Program
  • Participants who complete the Leading Virtual Teams Training will receive a 25% discount on their Executive Coaching Package of choice throughout 2022.

Register today for “Leading Virtual Teams” Professional Development Program.

Remember to consider team leaders in your organization who could benefit by engaging in this coach-led experience.

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