This past year of pandemic has proven challenging. Staying mentally healthy and professionally productive has taken concerted effort.

Describing the pandemic as a “Winter” season is an understatement. “Quicksand” or “Black Hole” might be more appropriate metaphors. Perhaps you’ve lost your professional footing.  Maybe you feel stuck as you attempt to recover from the disappointments and set-backs of this unprecedented time.

Although you’ve undoubtedly kept going and done better than you think, your world may feel heavy and your professional progress stifled. You are not alone if you are feeling disconnected from your goals, or wanting to get “yourself” back so you can take new ground.

“Emerge: Three Strategies that Move You Forward”, is a one-hour webinar now available to help you and your team learn how to disengage from the negativity that is holding you back, clarify new priorities, and free up your energy to pursue key goals again. 

What to expect from this webinar: Your team will engage real-time with three strategies, and collaborate with each other in a group-coaching format. The webinar is presented in an upbeat and challenging way, helping your team choose positive priorities and focus energy in the right direction.

  • Recognize – identify the ways this “winter” has impacted your thoughts and discover ways to say goodbye to the thinking patterns that sabotage progress.
  • Repair – practice a realistic strategy to increase the positive attitudes in your team, and decrease the negatives, putting you in a better position to achieve your goals
  • Rebound – learn a simple exercise to build an upward cycle of confidence and productivity.

Join us on Wed, March 31 from 3:00-4:00 PM EST for Emerge: Three Strategies that Move You Forward. This session will be hosted by The Ohio Society of Association Executives (OSAE). To register for this session, please select this link or contact me at Space is limited.

Registration fee:

  • Ohio Society of Association Executives Members: $25
  • Lifetime OSAE Members: $15
  • Non-members: $39

Interested in bringing this webinar to your organization? Contact me at to schedule.