Time to Think or Time to Act?

Are you a leader who must hit a multitude of goals, as well as motivate and influence others to hit theirs? Do you need to solve pressing problems, as well as have the time to think clearly enough to innovate? Is the proverbial “urgent” overwhelming the “important” in your world? Busy leaders can get stuck in … Continue reading Time to Think or Time to Act?

Do You Need an Executive Coach?

Working with an executive coach is a powerful way for successful professionals and leaders to create a new vision for their future, identify action steps for attaining important goals, break through the obstacles that are holding them back, and manage change. Many professionals add a coach to their support network, realizing that a professionally trained … Continue reading Do You Need an Executive Coach?

Too Risky: The Story of the 220 Steps

Did you know to “risk” means “ to expose someone or something valued to danger, harm, or loss”? Ouch. Doesn’t sound too desirable, so why would you want to risk something anyway? Risk is a choice many of my Executive Coaching clients make to get to their next level. Maybe you are considering a new venture … Continue reading Too Risky: The Story of the 220 Steps

What Do You Want?

What do you want? A professional coach will engage you around this important question. But, discerning what you want and why you want it can be a difficult proposition. Pressures inside and out serve to muddy the waters. The ideal vision of your destination seen in your mind in vivid colors, is the main thing which can motivate you … Continue reading What Do You Want?