How To Have a Boring Conversation

Conversations are a primary tool of my profession. As an Executive Coach I engage my clients in conversations daily, as a matter of course. How many conversations do you have every day? Are most of them enjoyable, meaningful, and productive? Yesterday I met a colleague for lunch. We hadn’t seen each another for months, yet we jumped into a … Continue reading How To Have a Boring Conversation

Laser Coaching-Five Questions to Save You Time

Are you a busy leader who needs more time?  Do you need to make the limited time you have with your team or staff more productive and more empowering? Let me introduce you to a simple coaching tool that can assist you as you lead your team.  This tool, called “laser coaching”, combines the art … Continue reading Laser Coaching-Five Questions to Save You Time

What Do You Want?

What do you want? A professional coach will engage you around this important question. But, discerning what you want and why you want it can be a difficult proposition. Pressures inside and out serve to muddy the waters. The ideal vision of your destination seen in your mind in vivid colors, is the main thing which can motivate you … Continue reading What Do You Want?